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All of our products are hand-made and hand-painted. Our products are available at retail outlets throughout South Africa and through our international distributors. Contact Us to find the outlet closest to you.

A Summer Poem


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Name: Teapot
Code: SP01
Price:R 340.00      View Currency Converter

Name: Mug
Code: SP02
Price:R 101.00      View Currency Converter
Baby Sugar Bowl

Name: Baby Sugar Bowl
Code: SP03
Price:R 146.00      View Currency Converter


Sugar Bowl

Name: Sugar Bowl
Code: SP04
Price:R 151.00      View Currency Converter
Baby Milk Jug

Name: Baby Milk Jug
Code: SP05
Price:R 126.00      View Currency Converter
Floppy Milk Jug

Name: Floppy Milk Jug
Code: SP06
Price:R 142.00      View Currency Converter


Milk Jug Medium

Name: Milk Jug Medium
Code: SP07
Price:R 146.00      View Currency Converter
Pixie Milk Jug

Name: Pixie Milk Jug
Code: SP08
Price:R 149.00      View Currency Converter
Tall Jug Classic

Name: Tall Jug Classic
Code: SP09
Price:R 352.00      View Currency Converter


Tall Jug Floppy

Name: Tall Jug Floppy
Code: SP10
Price:R 352.00      View Currency Converter
Butter Dish

Name: Butter Dish
Code: SP11
Price:R 226.00      View Currency Converter

Name: Soapdish
Code: SP12
Price:R 89.00      View Currency Converter


Round Bowl with Lid

Name: Round Bowl with Lid
Code: SP13
Price:R 190.00      View Currency Converter
Floppy Bowl Large

Name: Floppy Bowl Large
Code: SP14
Price:R 327.00      View Currency Converter
Large Sloop Bowl

Name: Large Sloop Bowl
Code: SP15
Price:R 491.00      View Currency Converter
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