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About The Fenix

From humble beginnings as a small crafting operation, The Fenix has grown to a modern, efficient producer of African-inspired raku pottery employing 15 people.

“The Fenix” is the Olde English spelling of the phoenix, the mythical bird that rose from the ashes

Founded by Lorraine Marincowitz and Louise Leibbrandt in 1988, we started out selling our own pottery from a small shop in Somerset West, a picturesque town 40km from Cape Town, South Africa.

An increase in demand saw us selling our products nationally through agents by the early 1990s and growing our production capacity. We have been selling our pottery internationally since 1992 and currently offer our products for sale word wide via our website. Having outgrown our premises at the time, we began building our present factory in 1997, opening our new doors in January 1998.

The experience we have gained during this period has allowed us to perfect our production process. While the same basic raku process is followed, our improved efficiency and quality control results in consistent, high-quality products.

We believe that our volume of production, our extensive, high-quality product range and the fact that all of our products are both hand-made and hand-painted are a unique combination in the production of raku pottery.

With more than products - including our popular African animals and nativity sets - we invite you to browse our catalog.